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Source Water Protection

Working Groups

There are four working groups, comprised of Source Protection Committee members, staff from the source protecton areas as well as municipal staff and planners. The working groups are responsible for making recommendations to the Source Protection Committee.

Technical Working Group

  • Reviews all technical work before endorsing and sending to Committee for final endorsement
  • Meets monthly (bi-monthly in the lead up to the assessment report)
  • In the midst of review of data for assessment report
  • Composition:
    • 8 SPC members
    • 6 staff

Communications Working Group

  • Meets quarterly to oversee the strategy and outreach efforts
  • Facilitates communication between the Committee and stakeholders:
    • Municipal
    • Industrial
    • Agricultural
    • Urban residential
    • Rural residential
  • Will be heavily involved in designing the consultation process
  • Composition:
    • 7 SPC members
    • 5 Staff

Municipal Working Group

  • Represents municipal interests at the Source Protection committee
  • Municipalities will "inherit" the Source protection plans to implement and monitor
  • Composition:
    • 6 SPC members, representing the municipal sector
    • 1 staff
    • 4 staff from a variety of municipalities
  • Will become integral when development of Source Protection Plan begins

  • Planning Working Group

    • Planning working group formed in August after a ‘call for interest’
    • Composition:
      • 6 SPC members
      • 9 municipal planners
      • 2 municipal technical staff
      • Facilitator
    • Group has met to consider the Discussion Paper on the SWP Plan, and helped develop a set of responses to the EBR posting that were endorsed by the SPC
    • Will be considering efforts from other jurisdictions and developing planning policy options for consideration by the SPC as they formulate the SWP Plan
    • Economic implications of policy options will also be evaluated per task in Term of Reference